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Discover the beauty of canary birds and learn how to properly care for them. Find tips on feeding, housing, and creating a happy and healthy environment for your canary pet.
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The Gloster Canary is a popular cage bird known for its unique hairstyle and dynamic singing voice. The bird's bowl haircut, also known as bushy, rounded ‘crests,' resembles the signature hairstyle of The Beatles, notably Ringo Starr. The Gloster Canary exists in yellow, green, and brown color variations. This chubby and cute wig-wearing little bird […]

Connie Fisher
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My vibrant and melodious red factor canaries are thriving and singing longer and louder than ever before - now enjoying their days from an airy light-filled corner of my enclosed porch. I keep a number of birds as pets, including a couple dozen or so red factor canaries that live with me inside my Winter

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Canaries have always been popular cage birds thanks to their bright colours, cheerful disposition and wonderful singing. While in recent years they have perhaps become overshadowed by larger and more showy birds like budgerigars and lovebirds, there is still much to be said for the humble canary as a pet… Cages for Canaries Canaries are [...]Read More... from How to Keep Canaries