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50 Of The Most Petty And Entitled Things People Have Ever Texted Their Exes

Far from every relationship is going to end up being healthy, happy, and long-lasting—people break up all the time and continue searching for someone whom they love, can fully trust, and who has similar values as they do. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be at war with your exes. It’s perfectly possible to stay civil, as you move on with your lives.

Alicia Wilson
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Getting Reviews: 3 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Reviews

Getting Google Reviews 3 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Asking for more Google Reviews Why do small businesses need reviews? Do you know what happens when you get a good review on Google? A LOT! And I'm going [...]

Brandy Bibler
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How to Create a Quarterly Review of Your Business

Reviewing your social sites for the past quarter is more than just writing out the number of followers you gained { or worse, lost! } every month. It’s more about understanding why you’re spending your valuable time in your social sites. It’s about learning how posting in a Facebook group or pinning your content on Pinterest helped you grow your business or blog.

Sol Reviews
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Logos, identity designs, and branding – what’s the difference?

In this article, we will cover:1. What is a brand? 2. What is branding? 3. What is an identity? 4. What is a logo? 5. What does a brand identity design agency do? 6. Benefits of hiring a brand identity design agency As a branding & design agency, the most common question we get asked is, "how much do you charge for a logo design?". A lot of entrepreneurs who come to us asking this question, often are misguided thinking that their logo or website design represents their entire brand. At which…

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Can You Answer These 30 Brand Strategy Questions in 30 minutes?

Find out how aligned you are as a brand with these 30 brand strategy questions every business owner needs to answer. In this blog I present to you 30 simple questions every business should confidently know the answer to as a brand. As you review this list of questions for your own business, I want you to pay attention to two things: 1. Which questions you intuitively answer with ease? 2. Which questions you struggle to answer clear and concisely? BONUS free Notion template with all 30…