Buddy rogers

Explore the fascinating life and lasting impact of Buddy Rogers, the legendary actor and professional wrestler. Learn about his incredible career and the influence he had on Hollywood and the wrestling world.
Gods and Foolish Grandeur: Gene Raymond, Buddy Rogers, and three rather odd Hollywood marriages York, New York City, Elvis Presley, Films, Buddy Rogers, Tony Curtis, Richard Chamberlain, Buddy, John Derek

Gene Raymond (August 13, 1908, New York City – May 2, 1998), born Raymond Guion, was a popular film actor in the early Thirties, most often cast as the second lead. He also acted on stage and television, and was a composer, writer/director, and decorated military pilot. I find Gene Raymond really rather attractive - in a freakishly blond, peppy, happy-puppy sort of way. Yeah, but that's not the point right now. The story, here, involves older wives and gay husbands, marital blackmail…