Brown hair with purple

Transform your look with stunning brown hair and purple highlights. Explore top ideas to add a vibrant and edgy touch to your hairstyle.
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Fancy purple hair but you don’t want to risk it and dye your entire hair purple? We compiled a list of the best purple highlights on black hairstyles.

Cassie Konkol
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There’s never been a better time to play with hair color. It seems all the colors of the rainbow are having their days in the sun, but no ‘do is as widely embraced as violet hair. Whether worn long and sleek or short and wavy, purple locks are everywhere. Get some hair inspiration by checking […]

Adriana Motruc
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11. Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair. The perfect highlight colors for brown hair are high-contrast hues, such as different tones of blonde. This combination adds an edge to your hairdo.

Erika Kelsey Jimeno
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15. Chunky Purple Highlights. The arrangement of her purple highlights is attention-grabbing and the blend of brown and purple hair is mesmeric. It’s a fairly bright hairstyle but not over the top.

Anaya Mohanty