Bridget bardot

Discover the captivating beauty and timeless style of Bridget Bardot. Explore her iconic looks and learn how to incorporate her signature fashion into your own wardrobe.
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An iconic fringe, a chic bun, mermaid's braids… In the heat of summer, we're inspired by Brigitte Bardot's sensual hairstyles, whether spotted on the fine sands of Cannes and Saint-Tropez.


Today, Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot, better known as Brigitte Bardot, celebrates her 77th anniversaire. Bardot is the epitome of French femininity and beauty. With her tousled blonde tresses, pouty l…

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Consider the turtleneck: Is there any other item of clothing which manages to reveal so much even as it appears to hold everything back? A woman in a turtleneck is the ultimate power move, allowing her to show off everything that can’t really be seen, hiding while also in plain sight. It’s a sartorial signifier of restraint,...

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