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Take your fitness to the next level at a boxing gym. Discover top training techniques and equipment to enhance your boxing skills and achieve your fitness goals.
Boxing Gym Lighting Study #3, Kevin Elliott Wilson on ArtStation at Boxing Themed Bedroom, Old Boxing Gym, Underground Boxing Aesthetic, Garage Boxing Gym, Vintage Gym Aesthetic, Boxing Gym Aesthetic, Vintage Boxing Gym, Boxing Gym Design, Ruang Gym

Boxing Gym Lighting Study #3, Kevin Elliott Wilson

This is the #3 of 3 lighting studies I explored in my spare time whilst on this project to try out the new features of Unreal 4.2 and hone my skills with Unreal lighting techniques and Lightmass. Title was Creed: Rise to Glory on PSVR and I was given the opportunity as Lead Environment Artist to push the direction of the Environments, Lighting, VFX and any animations including the crowd system. This environment wasn't used in the final game but some of the assets were. The environment was…

Andrew Findlay