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Discover the latest boutique sales and score amazing deals on trendy fashion items. Don't miss out on the opportunity to update your wardrobe with stylish pieces at unbeatable prices.
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Retail Math 101 for Small Businesses and Creatives | The Shop Files

Retail Math 101 - Review of retail math calculations and formula examples of AUR, gross margin, sell thru rate and more; so you can feel confident at trade shows, vendor meetings and discussions with other business owners.

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How I Increased Traffic to My Online Boutique by 228% in 1 Week

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of testing with my online boutique. In order for me to increase sales – I need to increase traffic to my site. (Duh, right?) As I test different things with my online boutique – I want to share with you what works and what doesn’t work for me. For starters,... Read More »

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101 Catchy Sale Slogans Ideas & Sale Taglines to Boost your Sale

Chill out a little bit of all business. We have collated a list of catchy sale slogans so you can put your business right on top! Your customers are going to love your sales campaign. Trust us. These sale slogans will help you with all the sales competitions at festivals, events, seasons, and throughout the […]

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20 marketing tips for your small business - Lisa Alfaro

Marketing can be a beast, especially when it isn't your forte. Add to that ALL the things that fall under the marketing umbrella: social media, in-store traffic, events, website, SEO, blogging, customer engagement...the list goes on (and on)! With years of communications under my belt, I've been fortunate enough to learn many aspects of marketing,

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200+ Verified Wholesale Vendors for Online Boutiques

It’s finally here!! It’s time to buy your inventory!! Purchasing inventory is a lot of fun, but surprisingly, it can be quite challenging. Any established boutique owner can tell you that buying inventory can be the best part of your day, or the biggest thorn in your side. A lot of t

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Ultimate Guide to Retail Social Media Marketing Boost Your Sales Digital Download Social Media Tips for Boutique Owners Content Calendar Social Media Tips, Scams Scammers, Retail Social Media, Retail Marketing, Guide To, Content Calendar, Content Calendars, Social Media Templates, Social Media Template

Ultimate Guide to Retail Social Media Marketing Boost Your Sales Digital Download Social Media Tips for Boutique Owners Content Calendar - Etsy

Expand your reach and grow your following with this Guide to Social Media Retail Marketing. This digital file contains 2 pages of tips and one sample posting calendar. This is a printable/digital file - nothing physical will be shipped to the buyer. Do NOT share this file. HM Design Co created this product. HM Design Co. is not responsible for scams/scammers or social page replication by scammers.

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