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Explore the art of tambour embroidery and create stunning designs. Discover top ideas and techniques to master this intricate embroidery style.
Tambour Embroidery

As promised, I’m putting together some tambour embroidery instructional resources for those of you who are interested in learning this technique. Today, we’ll look at three books that are good for instruction in tambour work. These are the three of four books that I’ve found most useful – I’m saving the fourth one for a ...

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Looking for past articles on Tambour Embroidery here on Needle ‘n Thread, all conveniently located in one place? Here’s the list so far! In an effort to keep popular topics and projects organized on Needle ‘n Thread, I like to create separate index pages for each group of articles. If you’re following a particular project ...

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Did you know Tambour Embroidery? 👀 | embroidery, sewing needle, design, hobby | Looking for a new hobby to dive into? 🧵 Get started on your embroidery experience with our Tambour Embroidery Set! Designed for beginners, our set... | By Culiau Design, Embroidery, Sewing, Crafts, Tambour Embroidery, Sewing Needle, Embroider, Needle, Beginners

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This is a 55" by 24" Tambour Embroidery frame kit and frame support (legs). Comfortable embroidery accessories for luneville and tambour embroidery, gold and silver cross embroidery. Frame construction consists of strips, the width, and length of which are adjustable; a very dense woven ribbon is attached to the rail. Frame size is standard 23.5" - 55" (60cm - 1.4m). The size of the working surface of the frame: a maximum of 21x65 inches, and a minimum of 0.5x0.5 inches. The large size of…

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