Bookcase organization

Get organized with these creative bookcase organization ideas. Discover how to maximize space and create a stylish display for your books and decor.
Arrange the books on your bookshelf to be great decor as well as great reading. A well-styled bookcase can be both functional, and express your style. Arranging books, collectibles, and objects of art in a tableau on your bookshelf that’s both practical and beautiful will add to the design. These styling tips and bookshelf design ideas will show you how to makeover a boring bookcase to be the focal point of the room. Bookcase Arrangement Ideas, Beautiful Bookshelf Design, Decorate Bookshelves With Books, How To Display Books On A Bookshelf, How To Arrange A Bookcase, How To Arrange Bookshelves Display, Books On Bookshelves, How To Arrange A Bookshelf, How To Arrange Books

If you're just lining up your books alphabetically on metal shelving units, you're missing out on a great decorating opportunity. A well-styled bookcase pairs functionality with aesthetics, letting your books become part of the decor and an expression of your personal style. With a selective arrangement of books, collectibles, and objects of art, you can create a tableau that’s both practical and beautiful. Try these styling tips to give a boring bookcase a sophisticated makeover.