Bobbin lace

Explore a collection of stunning bobbin lace designs and patterns to inspire your next crafting project. Learn how to create intricate lacework and add a touch of elegance to your creations.
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The “whole stitch” is one of the basic stitches in bobbin lace making. Knowing this one stitch is enough to make some very pretty lace. The whole stitch is formed over two pairs of bobbins. The process is: cross, twist, pin, cross, twist The twist is always right over left. Twist both pairs …

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'Merletto a tombolo' Pillow lace or Bobbin Lace, is created using 100% linen thread with 'fuselli' wooden bobbins, woven with pins on intricate designs. Anghiari lace is all woven from 100% linen thread as apposed to cotton thread in most other regions of Italy.

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