Birthday celebration

Make your birthday celebration extra special with these creative ideas. Discover fun activities, delicious treats, and unique themes for a memorable day.
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If you’re celebrating a birthday soon, you may be tired of the boring old ways to mark the occasion. Dinners, picnics, brunch, and evenings at bars can become so ho-hum and commonplace it may not even feel like much of a celebration anymore! Trying something new with your friends and loved ones will always be a great w

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Paige Chenault loved working as a wedding planner. "I loved being part of people's most sacred celebrations—being able to see the joy that comes from feeling celebrated," she tells Glamour. But after she read a heart-wrenching article while pregnant with her own child, Chenault realized she had another calling. "I read about children in Haiti who were struggling to survive," she recalls, "and I realized that the sunken-eyed child in the magazine staring back at me would never feel celebrated…

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Celebrate a special birthday by using one of these birthday backgrounds, we've created over 60 fun birthday wallpapers in many different styles that you'll love.

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I am happy to be here sharing our first featured product of the month – Bottle & Cake Sparklers. These are I can’t wait to share a video I took at my son’s 5th birthday party. Let’s just say…Read more ›

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