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Today, we continue to draw transportation. Specifically, let's learn to draw a motorcycle. As usual, we will draw our motorbike step-by-step. Step Step 1. Outline the shape of the motorcycle. Step 2. Continue to outline the main parts of the motorbike. Step 3. Finesse the details of the motorbike. Step 4. Draw the motorbike details. Step 5. Draw the wheels and engine of the motorbike in detail. Step 6. Continue shading the parts of the bike.

jrmald smart
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In today's drawing tutorial, we will learn to draw a bike. Step 1. Outline the wheels of the bike. Step 2. Draw additional lines to denote the parts of the bike. Step 3. Continue drawing the details of the bike. Step 4. Draw the details of the bike's tubes, handle. the rack at the back. Step 5. Adding shades to the bike's drawing. Step 6. Hatching and coloring the bike drawing.

Kübra Benek
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9 Bikes, 9 Bike Memories 1. That first magical moment, was I six years old? when the bike, the ground & little me, minus training wheels, were in perfect harmony as my father, who was running alongside, let go of the bike. I flew away & left him in the background, cheering. 2. My father singing "And you'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two" along with the radio. 3. Riding as late as possible into the evening, after the other kids were in for dinner. It was adventure…

Marilyn Johnstone

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