Best butter tart recipe

Indulge in the best butter tart recipe with these mouthwatering ideas. From classic to unique variations, discover the perfect recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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The ultimate butter tart recipe | Cottage Life

The butter tart is not just any dessert. Within its fragile pastry shell, it holds a country’s memories of long weekends, country bakeries, recipes handed down through generations, and an eternal debate over raisins. Here’s the family butter tart recipe from my mother, the food writer and author of many cookbooks, Lucy Waverman. It’s as classic as it gets.

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Anna Olson’s Raisin Butter Tarts | FooDiva

FooDiva was recently invited to a private function to meet Anna Olson. Who is she you may ask, as I did? Well she's pretty famous in Canada as a celebrity chef, presenting two syndicated TV programmes on the Food Network and the author of seven cookbooks. Anna was in Dubai for Gulf Food, and to showcase the melange

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