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Elevate your home decor with the perfect base colour. Explore top ideas and tips to create a cohesive and stylish look for every room in your house.
Education is key to learning Hair Health + Color for all, everything is taught here, its 11 yrs old & has all you need. Level 6 Hair Color, Hair Color Levels, Bleach Hair Color, Bleach Hair, Hair Levels, Hair Color Formulas, Hair Clinic, Hair Color Chart, Hair Color Techniques


These are merely suggestions for highlights and lowlights.... I have had this chart for over 15 years, which shows you that Hair color may seem to change dramatically to you, but in all actuality it simply goes through phases, exactly the same as "fashion" does. A new client called the Lab today and asked if we knew anyone that does that "NEW LOOK" of bleached white-blond hair with bright pink highlights surrounding the face...sound familiar? Its been done a lot....what we have to do and as…

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Grey, Ekena Millwork, White

Before and After: A Cramped Porch Becomes a Pastel Laundry Paradise

The enclosed porch on Ashley‘s 1905 home did not live up to expectations: a low ceiling and burgundy walls and floors turned the space into a “sad little box,” she says. “It felt disconnected from the rest of the house,” especially after doing extensive renovations. “I know how much some updates would transform this room,” she says. So over the course of six weeks, she transformed this dark and dreary porch into a pastel, botanical laundry room.

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