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Get inspired and unleash your creativity with these amazing Barbie DIY ideas. Transform your dolls into unique characters and create endless stories with these fun and easy DIY projects.
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I saw this dollhouse by the side of the road on our way home from church and knew it must be ours ... I mean Clara's! It must be Clara's. I had a goal of a few hours and $20. It makes me crazy to find a freebie and then spend a bunch of money… Read More Doll house makeover & DIY Barbie furniture

Jess Staff
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9893 likes, 91 comments. “Barbie box is the LIFE ✨ of the party 🎉 —Materials needed: Box 24 x 24 x 48in Box cutter Ruler Hot glue Pink paint (and a little roller) Stickers and any details that you want to add to your box. Like glitter, trim tape, metallic tinsel foil etc. Let's get the party started! 💜”

Lisa Mayancsik
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I loved Barbies...and I love the my daughter loves them too. But I totally don't love having to buy Barbie Furniture at the store...hello! Expensive! So I've got an easy diy for a barbie chair and barbie couch that is made out of a TISSUE BOX!

Stephanie Werner