Baby pigs

Discover the cutest baby pigs and get inspired to bring these adorable creatures into your life. Find ideas for raising, caring for, and enjoying the company of these cuddly piglets.
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Long gone are the times when people only kept cats and dogs as indoor pets. Now you can get a gerbil, a snake, or even a spider to love and cherish! What’s even better is that most of the farm animals, like ducks and even cows, have cuddled their way up to petdom. But we’re the happiest to know that cute pigs are among the ranks of pets, too.

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This election cycle has been otherworldly, to say the least, amirite? As it comes to a nerve-wracking end, and it seems the country is in an ideological civil war, we need a way of coping with all of this political stress. The solution? Baby animals, of course. So here are 19 baby animals to soothe your poor, tired soul during this exasperating time.

Rita Gentilini (LaRitaG.)