Arthur weasley

Learn about the intriguing life of Arthur Weasley, a beloved character from the Harry Potter series. Discover his passion for Muggle artifacts and his role in the wizarding world.
Mark Williams has played the father of Ron Weasley AND Rory Williams. Give this man the Best Fictional Dad Ever Mug immediately! Harry Potter Books, Humour, Rory Williams, Arthur Weasley, Weasley Family, Mark Williams, Harry Potter 2, Harry Potter Love, Harry Potter Obsession

Mark Williams: Best Fictional Dad Ever

Mark Willaims: Best Fictional Dad Ever I would just like to take a moment to point out how awesome Mark Williams is, or at least, how awesome the characters that he plays are. Mr. Mark Williams recently appeared on Doctor Who, playing Rory Williams' (aka The Last Centurian, also known as the most awesome person ever) father. Harry Potter fans, however, know him as the patriarch of everyone's favorite ginger family, the Weasleys. Playing Mr. Arthur Weasley, he was in fact the father of my…

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