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An artist that records in writing and drawings, the places he visits and finds interesting. Architect Jerome Tryon describes his work, on social media as "observations and ideas". He does this by keeping a journal with drawings and written portions, of places and buildings that capture his interest. These sights push him to make a note plus illustrate details of what fascinated him of a particular view. Thoughts and studies on Post Alley, Pioneer Square. Press the Image to Enlarge it…

Héctor G. Almirón
France Paris - Louvre Museum - The Pyramid. European Heritage Architectural Drawings. Click the image to see more of Oğuzhan Çengel's work. Design, Journals, Sketchbooks, Art, Journal Aesthetic, Art Journal Inspiration, Journal Inspiration, Sketchbook Journaling, Notebook

Hand drawn and written pages, that could be used as a book of architectural buildings. The entire thing is so beautiful and neat, that I can see it being printed and used as the beginning or an encyclopedia of Heritage buildings, around Europe and eventually, around the world. The Turkish Artist and Architect, that created these lovely urban illustrations is Oğuzhan Çengel. Make sure you press the images to enlarge them, (not the first one), so that you don't miss any of the wonderful…

Antonia Ruffini
Metal bucket by R. Umyarov

Another artist with a great style and a captivating way of presenting his drawings. Russian artist Rim Umyarov wears many hats, this is a list of what he does: Teaches art, artist, designer, architect, art author, graffiti artist, airbrush artist, international tattoo artist. What attracted my attention are his drawings, almost realistic, with a how to draw in the margin; showing a couple of steps to demonstrate the progression. Sketches of everyday objects made very charming thanks to the…