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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Animal Planet. Discover amazing facts, incredible wildlife, and untamed adventures with the top ideas from Animal Planet enthusiasts.
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Animal Planet

Changes included are white text and a colored bottom, as well as the geography of the "planet". Troika Design Group Creates New Animal Planet Network Package A new logo for Animal Planet was launched on February 3, 2008 in the United States. The logo was created by Dunning Eley Jones.[1] Despite its decade-long lifespan, it received mostly negative reception from the public, going as far as being one of the worst-received logos of 2008, according to branding blog Brand New. Brand New: Best…

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Howling lesson, Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, wildlife preserve. by Debbie Nosara, Cele Mai Drăguțe Animale, Psy I Szczenięta, Beautiful Wolves, Wild Dogs, Animal Planet, Animal Photo, 귀여운 동물, Animals Friends

Howling lesson

June 26, 2013, Explore #1 Thank you for all of your comments and favorites. I am truly honored. Some have asked where the photo was taken - it was taken in Hinckley, Minnesota, USA, in a wildlife preserve. This image is for sale on my website: in various sizes. Also this image is printed on navy blue sweatshirts. They are also on the website.

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