Angel cake

Indulge in heavenly angel cake with our collection of delicious recipes. From classic flavors to creative twists, find the perfect recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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This recipe for Heavenly Angel Food Cake with Vanilla Bean Crème Anglaise is featured in the recently released A Heavenly Christmas e-book, written by Rhonda Merwarth, from Hallmark Publishing. In A Heavenly Christmas, the heroine learns that angels can eat as much as they want without gaining weight (we need that super power!), so at Max’s diner, she orders two kinds of pie and a slice of angel food cake. This recipe for Heavenly Angel Food Cake is light, fluffy, beautiful and heavenly, of…

Amy Queen
Heavenly Angel Food Cake (Strawberries and Cream) | CucinaByElena Fat Cakes Recipe, Low Fat Cake, Angle Food Cake Recipes, Cake Light, Cake Baking Pans, Light Cakes, Angel Cake, Special Desserts, Dessert Buffet

Angel Food Cake is truly heaven sent. The light, fluffy, white, and tender texture make it easy to eat on repeat. This special dessert is one of my all time favorites. It's soft cloud like texture is ideal for soaking up fruit juices and freshly whipped cream . I love that you can add a variety of different toppings to make it your own depending on the season and individual taste. I love it with fresh strawberries and a touch of fresh whipped cream.