American graffiti

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of American graffiti and discover the art, history, and influence of this iconic subculture. Experience the energy and creativity that defines American graffiti and get inspired to create your own masterpieces.
Hidden Treasure: Lost Photos From the Set of American Graffiti | WIRED Pinball Art, Richard Dreyfuss, American Graffiti, Movie Shots, Film Studies, George Lucas, Star Wars Fandom, Magnum Photos, Hidden Treasures

In March, the Magnum photo agency stumbled onto a remarkable find: Nearly two dozen lost photos from the set of American Graffiti.The images feature pre-Star Wars George Lucas as well as cast members like Richard Dreyfuss, Mackenzie Phillips and Ron Howard, and they offer an unparalleled look at the making of the 1973 film.

Jean Delmond