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Embark on a journey to discover the incredible beauty and cultural richness of India. From the Taj Mahal to vibrant festivals, experience the magic of this diverse country.
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Stevie Nicks Photographed At A Fleetwood Mac Concert In 1978

When you point your camera at a random thing on the street, you usually don’t expect much. But in the vast sea of dull photos that fill your camera roll, one stands out. Call it a miracle, or a lovely surprise, but if you feel like the pic is superior in composition, style, lighting, and somewhat resembles a classical painting, it may be that you have just encountered “accidental renaissance.”

Saurav Kumar
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Ten Incredible Places to Visit in India - Travel Babbo

Places to Visit in India It occurred to me that I've seen a lot of amazing destinations in India, but I haven't written about them. The primary reason is that most of my trips to India have been solo on on photography expeditions. Only one trip has been with one

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