Alpaca wool

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Wool is a very widespread material. There are more than 200 different sheep types exists around the world. In the wool industry you measure the wool in three main different categories: thickness (measured in microns) lenghts color More the wool fibers are thin, more the wool is soft and cozy. Merino which is a very thin wool (18 - 21 microns) is largely used in appeal wear. But Merino wool is hardly used in the footwear wool industry. There is a lot of friction and the shoe would run out in…

Sharrie Cognac
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I have been hand-processing my Alpaca's fiber since 2006. I thought I would share with you how I do it. Alpaca fiber does not have any lanolin in it, but it does have a lot of dust and dirt from them rolling in their dust bowls as you can see in the picture below. During the shearing process we collect the fiber in three different bags. The main blanket, is tagged with the alpaca's name and number 1. The neck and some of the other fiber as number 2 in a separate bag. Then the leg fibers go…