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Make your next air travel experience a breeze with these top tips and tricks. Learn how to save money, pack efficiently, and navigate airports like a pro.
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Sometime last year, I couldn’t get myself to sleep, oppressed with despair over a dispute with a friend. What do you do when things like this happen to you? Some of you might answer, listen to music, watch or read something funny, hang out with friends, or the most popular choice of them all, eat....

"White plane, blue sky" by Joe_M on Flickr - A plane seen flying over Devon in a nice, clear, blue sky. Aeroplanes, Sky, Airplanes, Airplane Photography, Plane, Flying, Sky High, Scenery, Plane Design

A plane seen flying over Devon in a nice, clear, blue sky. My big lens coupled with the huge resolution of my 7D allows me to read the planes I.D number on the underside of the right wing. PH-KCC. This tells me that it's a Dutch KLM airlines 'McDonnell Douglas MD-11' I expect I could find out where it took off, and it's destination. But I can't be bothered :)

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