Acupuncture points

Discover the key acupuncture points that can help improve your health and well-being. Explore the science behind this ancient healing technique and find out how it can benefit you.
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Any wrinkle, skin spot, acnes or other signs on your face - might be signaling about potential health issues. Other use of reflexology is non direct organ stimulation. For example, by massaging certain area of your body with our massage tools, respective internal organs will be stimulated as well. For example, by massaging with roller top of the legs' fingers - stomach, pancreas and gallbladder will be be stimulated.

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Happy Calm (or Great Rushing) (LV 3) The Source Point & Earth Point of the Liver Channel, Heavenly Star Point Physical Level Indications: Insomnia due to fear Pain or Stagnation in the belly and chest Heat and redness of the eyes Irregular menses Digestive Issues Emo

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