Immerse yourself in the rich history and captivating flavors of absinthe. Discover top brands and recipes to indulge in this mysterious and iconic spirit.
Absinthe.  One of these days, I might have the courage to try the real stuff.  (If I can find it legally.) Vintage Health Posters, Green Fairy Absinthe, Absinthe Art, Artemisia Absinthium, Illustration Art Nouveau, Affiches D'art Déco, Vintage French Posters, Advertising Archives, Poster Graphics

I've had a fascination with absinthe since I first saw it being consumed by Lodz on the television series Carnivale (which is WICKED). I also witnessed it being drunk by Johnny Depp in From Hell, and then Ewen McGregor in Moulin Rouge!. I wondered what the milky green drink was, that seemed to affect all of these characters so strongly with visions and hallucinations. The first time I ordered it was a couple of years ago at The Ruby Revue which is held at the Art House, and unfortunately…

Faith Elise

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