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a figurine of a woman holding a cat in her arms and wearing a hat
'Lady with Yorkie' Guiseppe Armani
two people dressed in black and red are performing a dance pose on a dark background
Lladro from Spain Montinas
Lladro passionate tango
a woman in a red dress figurine on a white background
Rare Royal Doulton Figure Samantha, £79.99 or best offer
a figurine with a red cape on it's head and a black hat
Tienda Online Lladro Porcelana Distribuidor Autorizado
Lladro Porcelana MATADOR GREEN 01008730 #lladro #porcelana #lujo
a figurine of a woman dressed in white
Lladro/Nao Porcelain Decorative Pottery, Porcelain & Glassware Figurines for sale | eBay
a white porcelain figurine with a dress on it