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the closet is filled with various items and supplies to use for cleaning or other things
Где хранить средства для уборки и пылесос: 5 оригинальных идей
the drawers are open and ready to be used in this modern home kitchen design project
Gesamtsortiment Legrabox online kaufen
an open drawer in the middle of a bathroom sink
Lineabox - A Nova Gaveta Metálica Inovadora e Futurística
Lineabox: a gaveta metálica inovadora e futurística. Totalmente sem furos ou elementos de fixação, é disponível em 3 alturas. A espessura extremamente reduzida de somente 9 mm faz deste uma das gavetas mais sutíl no mercado.
an empty kitchen with white cabinets and counter tops
Foto di interni e architettura settore immobiliare, hotel e ristoranti
Retractable cooking area-perfect for a small kitchen
Island and seating idea
Pull Down Shelf Damping Rack Lifting Basket Stainless Steel Suitable for Kitchen Cabinet Storage
The free-standing high-cabinet storage rack makes full use of the kitchen space without climbing high places, just need to gently pull and store items at will Large capacity and load-bearing, can be folded up and down, can make full use of the space of the hanging cabinet, convenient for storage and organization Anti-slip handle design, to prevent the hands from being released when pushing and pulling, can also effectively avoid the collision of items in the basket #ad
Multi-functional kitchen island amazing home ideas
Such a great space saving and useful design @hettich_official! Click the link to try our free home design app. Keywords: amazing kitchens design, house goals, unique home design, cool design, cool interior design, home decor storage, storage design, house storage ideas, design kitchen, interior design kitchen, home kitchen ideas, fun design, creative home ideas, creative design ideas, creative ideas for the home, home decor ideas clever, home hacks, home design tips, amazing home ideas
Sliding kitchen island worktop
This would be a dream come true !!!!
a kitchen with white cabinets and an oven on the counter in front of a large window
Diseño minimalista en Hi-Macs, por el estudio suizo Egli & Partner
el suelo de microcemento me encanta pero habría que ver si es conveniente o no
a woman is hanging clothes on a rail
estendal de roupa fenomenal