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a cake made to look like a violin on top of sheet music paper with the words, enchanted icing
Cleo's Violin
Cleo's Violin More
the cars cake is ready to be eaten
Tutoriales para tartas infantiles modeladas
Hoy os traigo otra serie de tutoriales, como siempre muy instructivos todos, pero esta vez que nos enseñan cómo modelar tartas con figuras f...
two violin's side by side, one with the bow down
an old violin is sitting on top of sheet music
Violin Cake
Violin Cake -
three dogs sleeping on top of a wooden table covered in towels and dog biscuits next to each other
Gold Winning Dog/Puppy in Blanket Cake!
there are many different types of cakes on the table with each one's tower
a tiger figurine sitting in the sand with its mouth open
Tiger Cake - Fuzzy Today
Avalon Cakes posted a blog about this amazing tiger cake a while ago and I wanted to share it with you. Such amazing details! It manages to be cute, furry, and fierce all at the same time. The cake…