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Baby This and That Doll by Remco Commercial 1977
Ol, Tv Ads, Ronald Mcdonald, Old Tv, Olds, Old Ads
1971 Television Commercial for Kenner Crumpet Doll
an old photo of a woman holding a teddy bear in her hands and looking at the camera
Hush Lil Baby doll commercial 1976
a baby wet and care ad with a teddy bear next to it
70's Ads: Baby Wet & Care Doll 1979
Toys, Kenner, Pop Culture, In A Heartbeat, Vintage Dolls, Doll Toys
Baby Heartbeat Toy Doll Commercial (1978)
People, Nurse, Nancy
E Clip0313 Nancy Nurse Vintage doll commercial
black and white photograph of two dolls with hair
1968 Mattel Skediddle Kiddles Commercial
an old black and white photo of three children with the same person in front of them
Suzy Cute Doll Commercial (1964-1965) Featuring Louis Armstrong
an old black and white photo of a man with his head tilted to the side
1969 Swingy Doll Commercial
a close up of a child's face with big eyes
1987 Playmates Corky doll commercial (HQ)
a small doll sitting on top of a blue chair next to a potted plant
Tippee Toes doll commercial 1967
Blythe, Bizarre, Open Your Eyes, Blythe Dolls
Blythe Doll Commercial by Toltoys Kenner 1972 #2
there is a small doll next to a toy car and water bottle on the floor
Sweet April Doll Commercial (Remco, 1973)
Videos, Fan, Chatty Cathy, The Brady Bunch, Dollies, Talking Toys, Vintage Toys
a woman standing in front of a group of toys
Kenner - Glamour Gals (1981)
Wake Up Thumbelina doll commercial 1974
Wedding, Flower Girl Dresses, Baby Boom, Ideal, Ideal Toys
Kissy Doll by Ideal Toys
50's Ads: Patti Playpal Doll by Ideal
50's Ads: Patti Playpal Doll by Ideal
Albert Einstein, Dolly, Remember
Chatty Cathy Talking Doll by Mattel Toys
a blurry photo of a child holding a toothbrush
Baby Alive Toy Doll Commercial (1977)
a baby doll is dressed in plaid shorts and a tiger t - shirt
Advert - Baby Wee Wee - 2001
a blonde doll holding a white teddy bear
Amazing Ally and Her Pet Doll Commercial (2001)
Amanda, Amazing
Amazing Amanda Doll Commercial (2006)
Love & Grow Suzie Doll Commercial (2006)
Love & Grow Suzie Doll Commercial (2006)
a baby with blonde hair is brushing it's teeth
Kenner Baby Alive Commercial - 1992
a baby in a crib being held by someone's hand with a bottle
Bottle Time Baby commercial (1985)
Baby Alive, Alive
1978 Baby Alive
Pretty, Ballerina, 90's, Pretty Ballerinas, 90s
My Pretty Ballerina commercial from the 90s (Dutch)
1980s, Chatty Cathy Doll
1980s Chatty Patty Commercial