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two slices of cake on plates with lemons and raspberries
Berry Chantilly Cake Recipe
A Fresh Berry Chantilly Cake is a white cake with delicious lemon curd and topped with whip cream frosting and raspberries. It is a light and not too sweet vanilla cake. The frosting has vanilla sweet bean paste which is a lovely rich taste.
an image of a baked crinkle cake in a pan on a checkered table cloth
Crinkle Cake (with Phyllo Dough)
This delightful crinkle cake with phyllo dough is a simple culinary masterpiece that's all the rage in the baking community. Experience this delicious dessert, a blend of crispy, flaky layers of phyllo dough with the sweet, indulgent flavors of crinkle cake, creating a dessert that's not just delicious but also creamy with an egg custard.
two pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to other desserts
Cranberry Almond Biscotti Recipe (Italian Cookie)
This Italian Cranberry Almond Biscotti is a crunchy cookie with a dark chocolate drizzle. It's an easy, delicious cookie that's baked twice.
an image of a cake with berries on it
Sugar-Cranberry Cake Is Perfect Combination of Tart & Sweet - Pottery Barn
Sugar-Cranberry Cake Is Perfect Combination of Tart & Sweet - Pottery Barn
the best lemon sour cream pie recipe
The Best Lemon Sour Cream Pie
This is the Best Lemon Sour Cream Pie Recipe. It is smooth and just the right amount of sweetness. This lemon pie holds up well and can be topped with whip cream or meringue if desired. It also freezes well too.
a wooden cutting board topped with grapes, cheese and nuts
Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board
This easy and fun Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board is perfect for a holiday party. Place your favorite nuts, fruits, cheeses, and meats on your board, along with rosemary sprigs. Use a cutting board or a charcuterie shaped like a tree to display your savory food.
a cake with fruit on top and the words classic pavlova recipe above it
Classic Pavlova Recipe
Classic Pavlova Recipe pin image
a small christmas tree made out of cookies on a wooden board with lit candles in the background
Meringue Tower Cake (Christmas Tree)
Start baking this Meringue Tower Cake (Christmas Tree) today to have a seasonal centerpiece that is perfect for the holidays!
peach dumplings with crescent rolls in a white dish on a blue and white checkered tablecloth
Peach Dumplings with Crescent Rolls
This easy Peach Dumplings with Crescent Rolls recipe is so tasty! This simple dessert never fails to impress. The natural sweetness of fresh or canned peaches harmonizes perfectly with the rich flavors of maple syrup, cinnamon, and butter. The best part? These delectable peach pastries can be prepared and enjoyed in a few minutes, making them a quick and satisfying treat!