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several towels are hanging on the wall next to a sign with rocks and stones in it
Pin by Bramble Hill Farm Primitives P on Rock crafts | Decor crafts, Driftwood crafts, Art diy
three pieces of green fruit sitting next to each other on top of a countertop
Ceramic Olive Place Card Holders
These place card holders are a unique way to spruce up your charcuterie board, your table for a dinner party or for any other event. Use them as name card holders, to label different food items, or even as fun little party gifts! *For larger orders (i.e. weddings or any orders of 20+) please message me or e-mail me at
a blue lamp sitting on top of a white sheet
Women intertwined 02
Women intertwined 02 | Laxmi Hussain for Partnership Editions
an orange and pink design on a white table cloth
Easy Diy Project - Vegetable Printing
a lamp that has a painting on it
'LAMPSCAPES' ( zie Facebook ): panoramische handbeschilderde lampenkappen gemaakt door Jentine de BoerPad 1(verlicht ), acryl op stof, ovale kap, ø 24cm, h.16cm, Euro 160
a piece of art that is made out of strips of colored yarn and paper with a circular hole in the middle
Yarn Lampshades, Macrame Bags, and Block Print
Yarn Lampshades, Macrame Bags, and Block Print
a lamp shade with multicolored stripes on the bottom and sides, in various colors
LovingSTRING Stella Small Drum Lampshade
LovingSTRING - Stella Small Drum Lampshade
a person is covering their face with a large piece of wood that looks like a cone
Handmade Lampshades | Yarn Wrapped Lampshade on Etsy
an orange and white tie sitting on top of a wooden table next to a lamp
How I Made a (faux) Pleated Lamp Shade
painted turtles on a red and white checkered tablecloth with text overlay that says painted turtles
Painted Rocks Victoria | Must Be Victoria