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an open book with four different pictures on the pages and one in red, green and white
More amazing work from Sundries in France. This time in the form of a Riso printed zine of photography.
altered states self portraits by susan gourley
oo, what if I turned the portrait project idea into a zine.....(the visual language I desire)
an open book with yellow and black images on it's cover, in the middle is
Graphic / illustrative zine with a limited colour palette from Trademark, studio name for New York based designer Tim Lahan. Zine released by Smalltime Books.
how to fold a sheet - to - paper and page - zine on facebook
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Zine Tips: Our member is considering starting his first zine and wants tips from other members who know what to do. This blogger from @Anna Gundmark - Design Sense For Food has shared with us some of her very creative print zines, and she has included an easy method to fold your own eight-page zine. These are our suggestions and we'd love to hear yours! We'd love for you pinners to let us know at dumblebee.com!
an assortment of blue and white brochures with the words galaxy song written on them
This Risograph printed zine is the outcome of a 3 day workshop from design studio Coccu.
an open book with black and white pages
Salt & Wood, Zine.
Salt & Wood Zine / by Oddds - Editorial / Book design - Print / Magazine - Graphics