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an open book with different colored pages on it
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Face: Pocketmag Identity and Collateral. Bold + colorful.
an open book with different images on it
Off the Wall
off the wall - bolos quentes
an orange and white wall hanging on the side of a building with many different types of windows
three different types of papers with black and white writing on them, each containing an arrow
the exhibition of macau site-specific theatre
"the exhibition of macau site-specific theatre (1993-2012) "《行街睇戲──環境劇場文件展》 | Ck Chiwai Cheang, 2013
an advertisement with different colors and symbols on the side of it, as well as chinese characters
图片素材 - 素材世界
Kenya Hara
an open book with black and white photos on it
Project Projects — Nachleben publication
Nachleben publication
several different types of papers are stacked on top of each other, with one being folded
Rubber band bounding!
a person is holding an open book with many squares and rectangles on it
Thought Publication
the screenplay for john cage's film
Adela & Pauline
Adela & Pauline