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a multicolored ceramic fish ornament hanging from a rope
Reef Kids: Egg Carton Fish
Reef Kids: Egg Carton Fish - Here is another great craft for kids, and like many others that I have found and shared with you, it uses recycled materials and allows for plenty of creativity on the part of the child! Inspired by ceramic fish decorations/chimes like the one pictured here from Anthropologie, this craft is much ...
five blue fish in a tray with googly eyes
five fish are lined up in a row on a white surface with blue and green paint
Diana Tonnison Ceramics & Paintings
Shoal Of Mackerel II ||Raku fired with various oxides on a crackle glaze, with lustres added for a shimmering effect || Designed to give autheticity how beautiful the fish are when they move in their groups || Made for wall placement || Price On Enquiry || #CERAMICS #ART #FISH
two fish hanging from hooks on a wall
objets fils de fer sculptures et objets
a pair of scissors in a box on a gray surface with a blue paper roll
Book & Paper Arts: Showcasing Our Staff
Interesante figura Fish McCoy
several colorful fish hanging from strings in front of a fire place with a wooden cat on the mantel
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four pieces of paper with circles on them sitting next to each other, one cut in half and the other folded up
Toute la déco Maison & Jardin
a fish is wrapped in newspaper and tied up to the side with twine on it
Tout emballé, Edward Addeo Photography
a bunch of fish that are swimming in the water with red paint on it's body
gyotaku prints
five stuffed fish are lined up on a white surface, one has blue eyes and the other is gray with an orange stripe
Cardigan: GO FISH