Snowy pine trees

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Klaus - Smeerensburg Suburbs, Gabriel Gomez
an animated scene of a snowy forest with trees and mountains in the background at night
Klaus - Backgrounds Exteriors, Gabriel Gomez
a painting of a house in the woods with trees and snow around it, surrounded by other items
The SPA Studios on X
an animated scene with people and animals in the snow near a sleigh that is surrounded by trees
How Netflix's Klaus is bringing hand drawn 2D animation back to the big screen this Christmas
Studios Background, Colour Study, Background Style, Comic Tutorial, Mood Colors
ArtStation - Explore
two pictures of a forest with trees and animals in the woods, one is black and white
Klaus - Backgrounds Exteriors, Gabriel Gomez
a person standing in the middle of a snowy forest
‘Klaus,’ Netflix’s First Original Animated Feature, Set for Oscar-Qualifying Run
a painting of a mountain scene with trees and mountains in the background
Klaus - Netflix movie - Pre-production work
a santa claus sleigh flying through the sky
Klaus :: Pitchbook illustrations, Marcin Jakubowski
the sun is setting over a snowy landscape
Klaus director pushed past the limitations of traditional animation
the sun is shining through some trees and snow
KLAUS Background - SPA Studio - 2019 - Reindeer sequence, Thibaut Denise
the sun shines brightly on snow covered trees and mountains in the distance, as seen from above
Sun over pine trees at snow mountain