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an abstract piece of art with multiple lines and colors on the bottom half of it
"Using only Helvetica Neue, I created magazine cover layouts for Typografik : The Magazine for Graphic Design. This project included 8 phases, I am on... - a grouped images picture
Matthew Benkert
black and white photo of many different types of papers on the same page as well as text
EFFP View Magazine : Paul Felton Design
an open book with black and white lines on the cover, in front of a gray background
KI Kinnunen, 2010
a series of photographs showing different types of people's legs and body parts, with text
Friend of Mine - Lookbook, Design - The Drop
Friend of Mine Love this - playing with different size and positioning
four black and white images with different font styles on them, including letters that appear to be made out of paper
The black and white go really well together and the concept of the big characters looks good
an open book with black and white images on it, showing the numbers in each section
http://erolaboix.com/Andbanc-Brochure... - a grouped images picture
http://erolaboix.com/Andbanc-Brochure - created via http://pinthemall.net
several different types of papers are stacked on top of each other in this graphic style
Annual Report for Can Xalant
albert ibanyez | can xalant annual report
several different types of pink and white paper
Agenda Eat Ver-2 - 12 Colores Detalle 5. Interesting coral color #packaging #branding exercise PD