Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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an overhead view of eggs on wooden trays with flowers and greenery in the background
Eggs: 20 Recipes To Don't Get Bored
Eggs: perfect for every meal! Reinvented and creative versions of the traditional recipes: you can find ideas for scrambled eggs, frittatas, omelets, boiled eggs; you name it! In this post, you'll find many alternatives for a protein-rich breakfast so that healthy eating is never monotonous again…! Check out the recipes! #HealthyEating
oatmeal with kiwi, strawberries and bananas in a bowl text overlay reads overnight oats super easy and healthy
Overnight Oats: Super Easy and Healthy
Oats are a healthy breakfast alternative: low in fat, high in protein and in complex carbohydrates, of the kind we need to have energy and a sharp brain! They have an important set of vitamins and minerals that make them a true "superfood", perfect for those who want to eat healthily. Check out this easy and fast 4-step recipe and improve your usual breakfasts with this no more than 5 minutes to make alternative! #HealthyEating #HealthyBreakfast #4StepRecipe
there is a banana and peanut butter toast on the plate
Almond Butter and Banana Toast
For me, breakfast is my favorite meal ! I believe that the energy you feel in the morning is fueled by what you choose to eat for breakfast. In this post, you'll find the recipe for this amazing and nutritious toast as well as an e-book with 7 delicious and easy recipes to make for breakfast! For those who want to try something different, you can always replace the recipe's banana with sliced cucumber slices (believe me, it tastes great with the almond butter)! Give it a try ! #HealthyEating
a white plate topped with an avocado and bread
A Granola So Delicious You Better Hide It !
A simple and delicious granola: not too sweet nor fat! It's the easiest to do and so much better than anything you purchase, ready-made. Check out the recipe so you can try this kind of addictive and hard to stop eating granola! Simply the best - you have to try it! #HealthyEating #HealthyBreakfast
a bowl filled with oatmeal topped with fruit
Cook Delicious Porridge
Oats are back in fashion, they have once again become a breakfast option: a tasty alternative to a balanced and healthy start of the day! This 5-step recipe has proven to be absolutely bulletproof - it works all the time, with all types of milk (or combination of milk and water), and can be cooked in no more than 5 minutes! Give it a try! #HealthyEating #HealthyBreakfast
an avocado is sitting on a plate next to some bread and other food
Toast with Avocado and Lime Rain
Super versatile breakfast meal, equally delicious both in winter and summer! This completely vegan recipe can be done in no longer than 7 minutes and tastes deliciously. It's very easy to do (5-step recipe only) and can perfectly be a light lunch or a beautiful Sunday brunch if you put together a large green salad and one or two soft-boiled eggs on the plate! You have to try it! #HealthyBreakfast #VeganRecipe #5StepRecipe #7MinutesRecipe
oat flakes with apple and cinnamon in a bowl on top of a table
Oat Flakes with Apple and Cinnamon
Oat flakes for physically demanding mornings! With this 8-step recipe, you'll be able to cook a healthy and rich breakfast meal thal will help you kick off your day full of energy! This recipe requires the preparation to start the night before, as you have to put it in the refrigerator overnight, but it's perfectly easy and fast as a whole. Check it out! #HealthyBreakfast #HealthyEating