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there are many orange cups in the middle of this photo, and one is filled with watermelon jello mix
Summertime Treat!
how to make pineapple dole whip jello shots for desserts and drinks
Dole Whip Jello Shots
Dole Whip jello shots are sweet, tropical, and creamy. These easy-to-make Jello shots put a boozy spin on the famous Disney treat.
some lemonade and beer are sitting next to each other on a table with the words summer brew written above it
Summer Brew Lemonade Vodka Cocktail
the best ever beer margarita recipe with limes and ginger ale in it, on top of
Redneck Margaritas - The Best Beer Margaritas - CopyKat Recipes
two margaritas with lime slices on the rim
Easy Beergaritas Recipe
an alcoholic drink on a tray with limes and oranges next to the bottle
Skinny Margarita Recipe
If you are looking for a skinny margarita recipe, click over to get this super simple skinny margarita recipe that you can customize to however you like it.
a person is pouring something into a glass
Frozen Old Fashioned Slush Recipe (Delicious Slush Recipe!)
pineapple and vodka slush in jars on a plate
Pineapple Vodka Slushes
0115 Slush Title
two bottles of corona extra on a table with grapefruits and orange slices
Corona Sunrise - Viral TikTok Cocktail
This Corona Sunrise Cocktail is a fun and easy drink recipe made right in the bottle with beer, tequila, orange juice, grenadine, and lime juice and is perfect for summer!
three bottles and two glasses with limes on the table
Texas Ranch Water: The Perfect Summer Cocktail - Somewhere Down South
a bottle of vodka next to some strawberries and other drinks on a counter top
a hand holding a jar of simply lemonade
Pink Drink (aka my favorite punch) - The Regular Folks
limes, ginger syrup, and other condiments sit on a wooden table
Moscow Mule Punch
Moscow Mule Punch is the perfect large batch cocktail recipe combining limeade, ginger beer, and vodka great for tailgates, pool parties and BBQs. #Vodka #CocktailRecipe #Cocktails #MoscowMule #Beer #LargeBatchCocktails