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an alley way with blue and white designs on the floor
Qalawun Complex - Historic Cairo, Egypt
people standing in front of an ornate wooden door with arabic writing on the top and bottom
يا رب مكة و حضن الكعبة ❤️ ثم سلامًا على الدنيا و ما فيها 🍃
an ornate building with water in the courtyard
Ali Ben Youssef Medersa ~ Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco....
the interior of an ornate building with white and blue tiles
Mausolée de Moulay Ismaïl, Meknes, Morocco
an ornate fountain in the middle of a building
Batalha's Monastery, Portugal
the inside of a building with many couches and lamps
Hotel Shaza Riyadh
intercon – Hotel Shaza Riyadh
an indoor swimming pool with two statues and a rug on the floor next to it
Esprit du Maroc Riad in Marrakesh (Morocco's spirit). Very adequate naming indeed. #Luxury #Moroccan #Decor.
an indoor courtyard with seating and potted plants in the center, surrounded by arches
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a table with tea pots and cups on it in front of a pool
Stivali invernali stile UGG scontati! - Guida AliExpress 2016
:: Riad AnaYela ::
an archway with flowers hanging from it and a fountain in the middle surrounded by potted plants
The beauty of the Andalusian patio
Andalusian courtyard
an indoor courtyard with potted plants and decorative seating on the floor, surrounded by arches
A Moroccan courtyard.
an indoor spa with candles lit up on the floor and tables in front of it
Buy Furniture Online Malaysia | Design Indulgences
Moroccan cabana: My future bathroom
an ornately decorated staircase leads to the second floor
Moroccan Style
an image of a woman standing in front of a pool with her reflection on the water
Photograph by Takashi Nakagawa at the Ben Youssef madrassa in Marrakech, Morocco.
an old building with lots of windows and balconies
Brussels, Belgium, 2011
Art Noveau architecture, Brussels, Belgium