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a woman walking through lavender fields with the words 5 portuguese villages you really need to know
5 Portuguese Villages you Really Need to Know
With landscapes as far as the eye can see, there are several places with stories to discover: these 5 Portuguese villages are almost secret.
a waterfall with the words discovering the charms of the largest waterfall in portugal on it
Discover the Charms of the Largest Waterfall in Portugal
The Fisgas do Ermelo waterfall is one of the biggest and most impressive in Portugal. A stunning natural landscape.
an image of the ocean with text that reads 4 unmissable getaways in august portugal
4 Unmissable Getaways in August
August is synonymous with good weather and, for many, with summer holidays. This year, the August 15th holiday falls on a Monday, but that’s no excuse not to get away. If you still have the rest of your vacation, take advantage of Monday to enjoy the sun and relax, without leaving Portugal.
an aerial view of a spiral staircase with the words, mythical descent into a fairy tale
Quinta da Regaleira: Mythical Descent into a Fairy Tale
With a romantic spirit and idyllic atmosphere, Quinta da Regaleira is located in the heart of the Historic Center of Sintra. A magical and mystical space.
a castle with the words pena palace in sintra on it's side
Pena Palace in Sintra: A trip to an enchanting jewel
Pena Palace is one of the most shining jewels in Sintra. Fruit of the passion of King Consort D. Fernando, it is a mandatory stop.
a pool with an umbrella over it and the words where you'll want to sleep in
20 Accommodations Where You’ll Want to Sleep in 2022
Whether it's a luxury hotel in the city or an ecological getaway in the middle of nature, there are many accommodations where you will want to spend some of holidays.
people hiking up a hill with the words, discovering the algarve on foot for beyond the beaches
Discover the Algarve on Foot far Beyond the Beaches
There are about 300 kilometers that cross the interior of the Algarve, from Alcoutim to Sagres. Put your feet on the path and discover the Via Algarviana.
the boardwalk leading to the beach with text overlay that reads 20 best beaches in the algarve to escape the crowds
20 Best Beaches in the Algarve to Escape the Crowds
The COVID-19 pandemic prevents gatherings. So, discover the right sand on the 20 best beaches in the Algarve and avoid big crowds.
an aerial view of the beach with text overlay that reads carvoeto family break in the algarve
Carvoeiro: Family Break in the Algarve
Carvoeiro has dreamy beaches, stunning landscapes, caves and good gastronomy just a short distance away. A getaway in Carvoeiro: Family Break in the Algarve
a white plate topped with meat and vegetables
10 Dishes You Need to Try in Portugal
Let’s discover 10 dishes to eat in Portugal and taste the real Portuguese cuisine. Portuguese cuisine is famous for its codfish and some sweets. Portuguese cuisine has also greatly influenced Brazilian food, and many times, dishes that we eat thinking they are Brazilian, actually have Portuguese origins.
an algarve you need to discovery from fusia to cacela vella
From Fuseta to Cacela Velha: an Algarve you Need to Discover
No matter the season of the year, the Algarve is always a destination of choice. Discover the route from Fuseta to Cacela Velha.
several pictures with the words nazzare the place, the giant waves and much more to discovery
Nazaré: the Place, the Giant Waves and Much more to Discover
A labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets that descend to a wide beach surrounded by cliffs. Travel with me to imposing Nazaré.
people at an outdoor music festival with the words 9 awesome music festivals in portugal for summer
9 Awesome Music Festivals in Portugal for Summer
Prepare yourself for some of the biggest music festivals in Europe. Headliners at Portugal’s annual music fests range from A$AP Rocky to Incubus. Here are nine of the most interesting music festivals happening in Portugal in 2020.
several different pictures with the words evora, three - day itinerary to discovery from north to south
Évora, Three-day Itinerary to Discover the City
It is classified as a World Heritage Site and they call it “Museum City” because there is a historic landmark on every corner, but within Évora’s walls there are not only monuments and the past, there is also entertainment and youth, there are restaurants and cafes to discover, fantastic hotels to stay and good wines to taste.
there is a woman standing on the bed in front of the pool and ocean view
You and the Sea. Comfort for the Whole Family in Ericeira
Less than 40 minutes from Lisbon, You and The Sea offers a varied experience in communion with the sea.