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two paper bags with writing on them sitting on the floor next to some pom poms
ideas for gift...
This still isn't finished, but here is what I've got so far! •Hoodie with kisses (quite popular but idc tbh) •Self-made card •matching bracelets (in the small bag) •first envelope with a letter inside •second envelope with a steam card inside I plan on getting some sweets too!
there are many different types of paintbrushes in this picture and the words diy giant paint brushes
Giant Paint Brushes Using Dollar Tree Supplies
Giant Paint Brushes Using Dollar Tree Supplies
a row of crayons sitting on top of a white shelf next to a potted plant
Made some crayons from a cardboard carpet tube to hang above tables! #classroom #artclassroom #artteachersofig #lovemyjob #imateacher…
an apple and pencil sitting on a chair in front of letters that spell out the alphabet
Welcome Back to School - Balloon Decòr to Bring Smiles to those Returning to School
cupcakes with red, green and blue frosting on top are sitting on a marble surface
Apple Cupcakes (Back to School) | Somewhat Simple