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an orange peel is on top of some sugar in a metal baking pan with powdered sugar
Laranjinhas cristalizadas (tirinhas das cascas)
two yellow bowls filled with food on top of a table
Compota de chuchu
a spoon pouring pomegranate into a small white bowl on top of a table
Sweet & Tart 3 Ingredient Pomegranate Jelly
a wooden spoon in a pot filled with cranberry sauce on top of a table
Easy Cherry Cobbler - Made with Fresh Cherries!
1h 5m
small crackers with jam and cheese on them
Canapés de queijo com compota de cebola roxa e tâmaras
a jar filled with orange marmalade sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Geleia de manga caseira, para dar mais sabor as suas refeições!
a metal bowl filled with sliced up tomatoes and cheese
Ciambella salata con pan bauletto, pomodoro, scamorza, acciughe e origano
some pieces of food on a plate with the words gojaba caseria super facil de fazer
Receita de GOIABADA CASEIRA fácil passo a passo
a plate with bread and jam on it
Geleia de pimentão vermelho agridoce - Dom Manjericão
a glass bowl filled with yellow food on top of a wooden table
Doce de mamão verde ralado
two mason jars filled with orange slices on top of a towel next to an orange
Tangerina em calda: como conservar tangerinas
a piece of food that is sitting on a plate
Compota de Dióspiro