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a pillow with writing on it that says a hug from home, i just hugged this pillow
Lady made this as a Deployment Pillow for her Husband when he shipped out. It would work well for children that are going to stay the night w/ family or friends for a night also. Very sweet and great idea.
two pictures with different labels on them, one is labeled date activities and the other has stickers attached to it
A jar of colour coded date night ideas. Perfect for an anniversary gift. Orange = stay home - no cost Red = indoor outing - cost involved Yellow = outdoor activity - no cost Green = outdoor activity - cost involved
three different colored markers with the words, out of house and indoor activities on them
DIY Date Night Jar for 100 Great Dates
DIY: DATE NIGHT JAR Also put names of restaurants, when can't decide where to go, put in jar
a handwritten disney movie marathon chart on lined paper
Disney movie marathon. Not every Disney movie is on the list. Sorry for misspelled words if there are any. Some animated some not. Anastasia is not Disney sorry about that I did not realize it. I thought it was << nope. Still definitely worth a watch, though. Love that movie!
a list with pictures and words on it
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love, couple, and boyfriend image More
a person holding two pieces of rock with the words this proposal on it
Engagement ring in a geode box. Love it!
a man and woman are hugging in the kitchen
When he picks you up and it makes massive butterflies <3 nat b.
a man and woman kissing in the kitchen
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Best Outfits to Wear on a Date?
a man and woman standing in a kitchen next to each other holding a coffee cup
Follow me! uploaded by Sophia on We Heart It
Imagem de couple, love, and cute
two people hugging each other while they are covered in colored powder at the color run
15 Maneras de saber si tu novio también es tu mejor amigo
an older couple hugging on the beach by the water
Style, Hot Trends, Love, Horoscopes, and More | MSN Lifestyle
dance with me
a man and woman hugging while playing the piano
two people sitting on a bed with food in front of them and one person holding a guitar
NYC Apartment & Giveaway
Tessa Barton: NYC Apartment & Giveaway Breakfast in Bed
black and white photograph of a couple cuddling
Sitting In Silence
Sitting In Silence