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Porcelanas e cerâmicas para decorar a sua casa, você utilizar ou para você simplesmente se inspirar e comprar dessas artistas uma peça!
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two colorful vases sitting next to each other
VESSELS | Christopher Russell
VESSELS | Christopher Russell
a blue and black cup sitting on top of a wooden table
Pottery to the People // Mood Mugs
Pottery to the People // Mood Mugs
three cups sitting on top of a bed next to a brown blanket with designs painted on them
Meet the Kiwi ceramicist showcasing the Japanese art of 'nerikomi'
a white vase with purple and yellow flowers in it
Modern sculptures - Sculpture art online | The Ode To
three pieces of glass sitting on top of a table next to a drawstring bag
Elira, Handmade Ceramic Stud, Handcrafted Stud, Studs, Jewelry for Her, Handmade Jewellery, Rectangle Shaped Stud, Small Stud
Our Handmade Ceramic Stud Earrings - a celebration of elegance, craftsmanship, and unique design. Each pair is a testament to the artistry and passion of our skilled artisans, meticulously handcrafted to capture your imagination. Imagine the delight on your loved one's face as they unwrap a beautifully packaged set of these exquisite earrings. They make the perfect gift because they encapsulate a sense of artistry and uniqueness that mass-produced earrings simply can't replicate. Whether it's a