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an old photo of a city by the water
Pintura - Serigrafia - Fábrica de Molduras
Lisboa á noite
a painting of a woman with her hand on her chin
Amalia Rodrigues by Joaquim Canotilho painter
an animal that is standing in the water with it's head down and its tail up
a painting of a leopard with its mouth open sitting on a tree branch in the jungle
Descanso do leopardo by Joaquim Canotilho painter
a painting of a red rose with green leaves
Rosa by Joaquim Canotilho Painter
a painting of an old man with his cat looking at something on the ground next to him
a painting of people shopping at an outdoor market
a watercolor painting of a man wearing glasses
a painting of cars and people on a city street
a painting of a tiger running in the water
a painting of cars and people on a city street
an image of a painting of a city on the water's edge with buildings in the background
two men are walking on the beach with their backs to each other and one is holding a rope
a group of elephants standing next to each other in front of a sky filled with clouds