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there are many different items in this shadow box
Ex-Voto de Noël /1
two children are sitting on chairs with flowers in the middle
Interview: Gemma Anton – Collage Artist
a woman in a red dress is hanging upside down on a white wall and has her hands up to the ceiling
Page AP
a child's art project made out of felt
a woman's face is made out of paper and has many different things in it
Playful Paper Art and Sculptures
a man standing in front of a blue triangle
“He Left at Least One Sentence Standing Whole” and Other Works by...
an orange with people on it floating in the air
Summer series
two people sitting on the ground in front of a full moon
"I Gave You The Moon For A Smile" Canvas Print for Sale by Frank Moth
two people in a red boat surrounded by planets and the sun, with one man sitting on top of another
Cet artiste détourne des photos vintage pour créer des collages absurdes et surréalistes