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pathetic and aesthetic- pinterest | @lilaesthetic Inspiration, Ideas, Seapunk, Fotos, Sanat, Fotografie, Visual, Photo, Kunst
pathetic and aesthetic- pinterest | @lilaesthetic
a man standing in front of a brick building holding a skateboard and wearing shorts
Bundenko productions
Another - bundenko photo & collage artist #glitch
a woman with blonde hair is looking at the camera
a woman sitting on the ground with stacks of books in front of her face and flowers all around her
dag by Youth Experimental Studio , via Behance
black and white image of multiple lines in the same color as they appear to be dark
Motion Graphics - Glitch2 | VideoHive
a man's face is surrounded by lines
SH4PES by Alex Contreras, via Behance
the words error are reflected in water
Desert Dreamer
some type of graffiti on a wall with many different letters and numbers in black and white
25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography – Bashooka
25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography | Web & Graphic Design | Bashooka
a woman with blonde hair and glasses in front of a black background that says game over
glitch // artist unknown (via fuckanimals tumblr)
many televisions with different colored images on them
Miko Revereza
Tumblr colorido tela de bloqueio fundo VIDEO CIRCUITS
an abstract black and white typeface with the word error written in it's uppercases
typography glitch - Google Search
a man's face is covered in multicolored images
a man with a bald head wearing a black jacket and green shirt is standing in front of a blue background
David MARINOS - curieuxdetrucs
a man wearing a white shirt and tie with a multicolored mask on his head