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two penguins made out of toilet paper sitting on top of a table
les pingouins / Bricolage / activités manuelles / la communauté des parents employeurs et des assistantes maternelles
a bulletin board with different pictures on it
João e Maria - educação infantil
COMO CONTAR A HISTÓRIA João e Maria - educação infantil - Pesquisa Google
a snowman made out of toilet paper on a blue background
Sugestão de Decoração para a sua sala de aula.
Boneco de neve com forminha de ovo
several snowmen are cut out from paper and placed on top of each other
a child's bulletin board with clothes and hats on it in the shape of boots
vestuário de inverno e respectivas partes do corpo
an image of a hat made out of paper and colored dots on the top of it
Guantes y gorros para el invierno
Manualidadescomishijas: Gorro de invierno hecho con huellas de dedos, temperas y algodon. Molde Template winter hat