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pantone's green paint color is shown in this image, with the text below it
PANTONE 15-0341 TCX Parrot Green Color Code Lab sRGB HEX
the pantoner color is red and pink, with different shades to choose from
Paletas de color Rojo [códigos + combinaciones]
the pantone logo is displayed on a green background with white text that reads,'pantone 16 - 6391 tcx peppermint phil cotton tox
PANTONE 16-6329 TCX Peppermint Color Code Lab sRGB HEX
pantone's graphite paint is shown in the color olive, which has been used
PANTONE 20-0188 ТРМ Graphite Color Code
the pantone logo is shown on a green background with white lettering and an image of a
Pantone Colour Palettes, Pantone Orange, Color Scheme, Color Code, Orange Pantone, Orange Color Palettes, Color Trends
Apricot Eye · Summer · Color Palette
pantone's 15 - 63007 tcx agate gray paint colors
Morris Moss · Spring · Color Palette
pantone's 16 - 02233 tcx meadow green
the pantone color is pink and has white lettering on it, which reads'16 - 22 / 15 tpg cashmere rose '
an orange background with the words pantonee and hawaiian sunset written in bold font
PANTONE 18-1249 TCX Hawaiian Sunset Color Code Lab sRGB HEX
pantone's logo on the back of a gray background
PANTONE 20-0096 ТРМ Cellophane Color Code
an advertisement for pantone's colgate blue filth cotton tox is shown
Neutral Papyrus · Fall · Color Palette
the pantone logo is shown on a blue background
Blue Serenity · Winter · Color Palette